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Wood-Destroying Organism Activity

This is an area that not all pest control companies are licensed to perform.

CVS Services has been at it at a high level since 1991. With a Statewide license and tens of thousands of service projects we’ve done it all. Whether it’s Drywood or Subterranean Termites, Wood Destroying Fungus and Decay, Carpenter Ants and Bees, beetles –well you get the idea.

In addition to the treatment REM-edies we also provide excellent repairs for damaged structural and other wood members. We work on everything from eaves to door assemblies to walls to subareas to attics and everything in between.

We always perform our work to code and prime all our exterior wood repairs. We also offer painting our work-some exclusions apply.

Inspect to protect your dream home.
Tell us about your project today.

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