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Mold Assessment and Survey Services

CVS Services has been performing expert evaluation in this area since 2002.

Why do we ?

Because we saw the need to level the playing field and Honestly and Scientifically walk the client through an often intimidating experience.

Key details to know:

  1. We do NOT seek remediation work-we are professional evaluators. Doing both is a RED FLAG conflict of interest. We protect you from contractors that may over present a project by providing you with a specific Scope of Work that functions like a blue print that can be bid upon.

  2. We get the results from our Certified and Accredited Laboratories the next business day bringing you closer to resolution faster.

  3. If you need other IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) services/testing we provide those too. Formaldehyde, Off-Gassing, VOC’s, allergens etc.

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